Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Wedding Planner

I've always loved the thrill and excitement that comes with planning a party. Even though I often walk that fine line between anxiousness and a total breakdown, I've realized that I enjoy the challenge of putting it all together.

You must realize however, that this is coming from a woman who can't keep her linen closet clean, her checkbook balanced, or remember what she watched on TV last night. Maybe I'm just one of those right brained kind of people. All I know for a fact is- my newest party is a real challenge.

My daughter (first baby) is getting married in May and I've unofficially been designated as her "wedding planner". Now just to clarify - it's not going to be one of those money-draining ceremonies that people take out a second mortgage for. It's a budget-conscious-creatively-challenging-five months of our lives. And I've got 116 days to pull it off without looking like a dollar-store-white-trash wedding planner.
We are NOT doing this
OR this!

It's mostly all in my head now- a huge imagination that keeps me awake at night and refuses to let me do anything but surf the web for ideas and scribble notes and simple math in random notebooks. ( I can't even write my blog!)
I can see it all- peaceful, perfect, beautiful...all unfolding on a bright sunny day in May...the grass green and the sky blue and everything flowing easily without a hitch.

So, if I am absent from my blogging duties, you know what I'm doing. Thanks for your patience!

Now- where did I put that notebook?


  1. i can't wait to see the photos of the finished product

  2. Hey...the PBR cans, with candles, would have been really cool back in the 70's....maybe more of a wine bottle now days! LOL Now I could go for that donut cake...I would be eatin my share and more! I know you and Erin will come up with some unique and wonderful ideas....I can't wait to see all of them in May!