Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Say Ahhhhhhhhh...

I've been having little sensitivity issue with my teeth lately. I'm very lucky to still have all the original fillings that my dentist put in when I was about fifteen years old. However, lately the occasional ice cube or cold food would bring about a sharp pain that made me say bad words.

So, last night I made a visit to my son, Dr. Frazier, and he was more than willing to crank back that hydraulic chair and pry my mouth open wider than a Scream mask.

He numbed me up with Nasty On a Stick and in moments I felt like the Elephant Man.

Then he tricked me into thinking he had this:
When he really had THIS:

And this:

...When he actually had THIS:

But, being the gentle man that he is, it was a totally pain free experience and I had a new filling in minutes!

Now remember, Readers:

1. Brush after every meal

2. Cut back on sweets

3. Don't use your teeth as tools

4. And keep smiling!


  1. I am glad Jake took care of that problem. Jaclyn has a sensitive issue with her teeth and she hates it! How the heck are ya gonna enjoy that ice cream...I mean ice water? LOL

  2. Lucky you to have a dentist for a son.
    Lovin' the new blog. Gonna stay put for a while?

  3. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rae, too funny

  4. Linda: No ice cream for me!!...(yet).
    Delores: Thanks for stopping by. Hope this will be my Blog home for awhile!
    Barb: Glad I made you laugh! Thanks for coming by!
    Cindy: It was all meant to be fun. Hope that big drill doesn't scare anyone way! lol