Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Stink, My Dog, and My Pinterest Dreams

A few weeks ago I was convinced that something was wrong with me. No matter where I went or what I did, I kept smelling fish. 
So, I bathed. Put on freshly laundered clothing. Deodorant. Hand cream.
But, curiously, the smell faintly prevailed.
I asked my husband to sniff me.
"What? he asked."Have you lost your mind?" 
But he took a deep sniff at my collar anyway and said he didn't smell anything but my Oil of Olay.
The next day as I was folding laundry, I smelled it again. I sniffed the clothes. Fish.
Then I laughed. I realized that that the past few mornings I had slipped my fish oil capsule in my pocket so I could take it once my coffee cooled off. Of course that never happened. My sweater or jeans simply went into the wash and covered the entire load in a perfume of nasty Nemo. I had to wash several loads of clothes again with heavy duty stain and odor fighters and a double dose of fabric softener.
Who knew vitamins could be so dangerous?


My dog is a nerd.There. I said it.
All dogs have personality. They are just like kids. If my dog were human he would be a cross between Barney Fife and The Professor. He would wear a bow tie and eat caviar and read algebra books for fun.
Not that he's smart. He's just weird. 
And spoiled. If you don't cut his food up for him, he refuses to eat, he doesn't really like when we have company, barely tolerates other dogs, and sleeps a lot. I guess I've always known those facts. And regardless, I do love him. But being cooped up for ten days in the cabin with him just magnified his quirks. 
Yet, I'm sure he left there thinking differently of me also. 


I know we are supposed to be thinking of the Pilgrims and stuff right about now, but all I can think of is what the heck I'm going to cook next week on Thanksgiving.
I have pinned 459 recipes on Pinterest. How many have I actually tried? Zero.
But I slobber and drool and gain weight just by looking at the beautiful photos and presentations.
Could I possibly pull off a delicious, organized and memorable dinner on Thanksgiving?
 Could I really make that mushroom cranberry stuffing?
Baste my turkey a perfect shade of gold?
Whip up  potatoes and gravy without lumps?
Make a pie that doesn't sag, drip, sink or burn?
Perfect my napkin folding, centerpiece design and knowledge of wine choices?
Nog the eggs correctly, fantasize the fudge, and make my husband brag for days- and even years -to come about the year I finally succeeded in doing it all right?


 So, Cracker Barrel it is then!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ten Days

My husband and I (and our little dog) just spent ten days at the cabin. 
We rolled in on a Friday night, exhilarated by the autumn colors and the peaceful quiet of our wooded getaway.
 Funny how just a few days can teach you so much about life...

Things I've learned this week:

1. Hot coffee on the screened porch every morning is definitely more rewarding than coffee with Facebook.

2. There is no such thing as absolute silence. ..Because there's always a little soft ringing in your ears.

3. God made beautiful colors.

4. I can survive without T.V. ( for ten days).

5. Cutting and stacking firewood all morning can make a person hungry.

6. You can wear the same pair of socks for a week if you have to.

7. If no one in town knows you, they don't realize that you usually don't wear overalls ,a red hoodie, work boots and no makeup to Dollar General.

8.  A full size bed is A WHOLE LOT smaller than a queen size bed.

9. I'm addicted to Angry Birds on the iPad. ( hey, entertainment is scarce here!)

10. Winter is coming quickly.

11. When I miss my children, I still picture them as little kids.

12. My husband's whiskers are white.

13. Looking at the woods from up in a tree-stand is totally different than being at ground level.

14. It's difficult to rearrange the furniture in a 400 square foot cabin.

15. You avoid making phone calls if they either cost money (land line) or you have to drive up to the gate on the four wheeler to get cell service.

16. I still love Oreos and milk.

17. My dog is a nerd.

18. There are so many faces in nature and I truly love taking photographs.
( when I get a new laptop, I will post some. Can't download them to my iPad.)

19. I miss carpet, my bath tub, and Internet service.
20. I love to read good books.

Arrived home this morning. Nap time on the couch and a good dose of Facebook. 
Now- on to Pinterest and maybe some Angry Birds! 
There's no place like home....

Friday, November 2, 2012


Today I got out my ceramic turkeys and created a place for them to strut their stuff. One is a large bank and I've placed it on the dining room table amid a wreath of autumn leaves. The other turkey is a colorful planter in which I've placed a bouquet of fall flowers. Something about them makes my heart warm. Or maybe it's my belly...a stuffed turkey with all the trimmings would be perfectly delicious right now. Even at 6:30am.
Although I welcome the upcoming holiday, I try my best not to think beyond this month. The husband got laid off two weeks ago and those unemployment checks( which he has yet to even receive one) just don't cut it. That's why I've been praying extra hard that we sell this house...if it were up to me, I'd be living in that little 400 square foot cabin right now- just as it is- just so I could enjoy life as it was meant to be. Is it wrong to pray for things like this? I do know God has his own plans for all of us, and I don't want to intrude...but is it okay to let Him know our desires?
This has been a much needed rest for my husband, though. He had been on this particular construction project for two years and never missed a day. I am so very proud of him. Since July, he has lost 60 pounds, is working out three days a week, and runs two miles in between workouts. I feel like I am back in love with this young man I married 37 years ago. And it's not just a physical attraction, but also an emotional one. He makes me want to be a better, healthier, more active person, too. I am down almost 25 pounds and feel so much better. We are setting our goal for Christmas. Bad thing is, when I get stressed over money matters, I like chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Candy bars and M&M's and gooey stuff that my body and mind knows is suicide on a diet. But I'm praying for willpower, too. Is that another no-no?
There has been a full moon and at night it looks so beautiful shining upon the fallen leaves. I just want to bundle up and walk outside and breathe it all in before winter comes. But...I don't. I just watch it from the windows ....and keep praying.
This is the month to be thankful, and I certainly am. There are so many people out there in horrible circumstances, in poor health, and those that cannot see the light ahead. I have been blessed beyond measure. So, I won't just make prayer requests, I will make thankful prayers...and I know He hears.
Sorry for the mindless rambling...but that's a perk of having your own blog. You can write creatively or crappy depending on your mood!
Take time today to be thankful. Pull out your thanksgiving decor, brew a cup of coffee, and watch the leaves fall.
And say a prayer. He's always listening...