Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Too Shall Pass

It's raining today.

Not one of those bright, mystical,enchanting rains that come in the spring.
Not one full of music and greenness and the smell of happy.

This rain is gray and thick with shadows.
Fragrant with moldy leaves and dirty concrete.

This rain is ill.

It cries from the sky and grows weaker...
and becomes pale from too little sunlight
and the absence of warmth.

The raindrops touch my skin,
saturate my clothes-
bury themselves in my hair like silver dust.

And I become infected.

I, too, grow sick with this winter plague-
uncertain if I'll recover soon-
or be tossed into an epidemic coma
that bleeds sorrow for months to come..

Rain ticks at my windows-
runs off the roof in search of a cure...

The pond swells with the weight of misery...
Even the bluejays seem disheartened-
and coffee-colored puddles reflect pockets of bloated clouds.

I need a transfusion.

I need to fill my veins with the medicine of summer.
I need a shot of sunshine.
I need a dose of delight,
a pill of positivity,
and an intravenous flood of "feel good".

Until then,
I curl up tighter beneath my woolen blankets-
Make a toasty cave

and wait for this to pass.


  1. My dear friend....I "feel" the rain that you feel...Here in good ol' Oregon, the rain has passed, but the winds from the Columbia River Gorge are vicious~! Your work in writing what you feel and see is always a gift to us readers...Now, hopefully, I can get caught up on your wonderful blog and see what is happening from your "neck of the woods"...
    If I could buy sunshine by the pound, ...I'd send some..♥ Hugz...

  2. Margaret: Thanks, dear friend! I sure have thought about you lately and check your blog for updates. Hope you are well and enjoying life! Hugs!

  3. We woke to a blanket of fog so thick we couldn't see the house across the road. Good news...the sun is out now and surely your sun will come out soon too.

  4. Only good thing about winter rain is the dogs don't wanna go in and out all day long! Hang in there....Spring will be here before we are ready!

  5. well i slept in till l0 am. snuggly in my warm quilt........... woke up had my 2 cups of coffee, french toast, watched the squirels try to eat out wet bird feeders and it is now l2:30 and im still in jammies and robe, may not do a single thing today. paul went out to get my medication at pharmacy and he brought me abouquet of beautiful carnations!!!!! now i feel guilty cause im not dressed cooking lunch hahaha cant win,,,,,,,,, some day Rae we will have tons of time to rest.................. and see bluebirds in the sky again