Thursday, January 26, 2012

Good Intentions

I'm sure that very few of you realize that today is "Spouse's Day". Most of us are getting so geared up with visions of Valentines Day, that this little-known holiday is  virtually ignored.

However, this day is an all-important step in making your Valentine's Day even more prosperous, romantic and enjoyable. Today is your chance to show your loved one how much you appreciate them. Not with gifts- (save that for V Day)- but with simple words and actions. Do something nice. Say something sweet.  

Don't take anything for granted.

When I found out about Spouse's Day, I immediately decided that I wasn't taking any chances. If this was actually the foreplay to getting real chocolates on February 14th, then I would do what must be done.

Because, seriously- dollar store chocolates taste like a ball of wax with cake frosting in the middle. And a freshly picked dandelion bouquet might be pretty, but within days it's a freakin' flying mess of wild seeds that stick to the drapes like tiny Velcro bugs.

Believe me, I know about such things. day of being extra kind (and setting the stage for cupid), began at 4 a.m.. I crept out of bed without disturbing my spouse, covered his cold feet with an extra blanket, and tiptoed quietly to the kitchen. There I muffled the gurgle of the brewing coffee maker, opened drawers and cabinets with a ghostly silence, and proceeded to make pancakes in the shape of a heart.

While the skillet heated up, I laid out my his work clothes, socks, packed his lunch box with his favorite goodies- and placed his shoes strategically by the doorway. I wrote a little love note and hid it in his jacket pocket and warmed a towel up in the dryer for his morning shower.

If this didn't earn me some Russel Stover, then all this butt-kissing was a lost cause.

After breakfast was ready, I arranged it on a tray and took it into the bedroom, utilizing my softest voice to rouse him from his XBox 360 dreams.

"What's this?" he asked, yawning and scratching his head.

"Breakfast in bed", I answered with a sly smile.

"I don't have time for this today", he said, rolling out of bed, "I've got a safety meeting this morning, so I gotta get on the road. Sorry, Honey."

I was deflated like a helium balloon on a hot summer day.

But with chin up, I followed him to the bathroom and greeted him with the warm towel as he finished his shower.

"Where's this been? In the dog's bed?" he asked. And then before I had the chance to explain,he added- "Did you polish my boots last night?"

"Oh, I forgot !" I said, suddenly going into panic mode. All this work, and I was certain that I wasn't any closer to a velvety-truffled future. So I grabbed some polish and rags- and went out in the cold garage to shine his boots to a glassy finish.

He was already dressed and ready to go when I stepped back inside. He slipped into his boots without saying a word about how utterly fantastic they looked after my buff of love.

Yet, I still had hope. There was a mini-apple pie in his lunch box. His favorite...

"Oh- forgot to tell you," he said, "they're feeding us today- don't need my lunch packed."
And as he wrestled into his jacket, he pulled out the note I wrote him and crumbled it into the waste basket without even looking at it.
"Junk...", he said, kissing me on the forehead and jingling his keys. And then he left for work.

Spouse's Day? Epic fail.

So I ran to WalMart and bought myself some Dove chocolates, Lindor Truffles and an expensive bar of real Godiva goodness.

Like they say - Life is sweet.

But revenge will definitely be sweeter.....


  1. The best laid plans and all that..... I like your second idea of providing yourself with goodies.

  2. I know this is not a real story but it sounds like it could be true in the Frazier! There are just some things we don't need to chance and that is get our OWN goodies....after all, we deserve the best!

  3. "SPOUSE'S DAY"?
    Is that a synonym for

    Ha! Good stuffs, Rae.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'