Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Have A Daydream

I've got resolutions. Really.
I do.

My list consists of a poorly handwritten paper numbered one to ten.
Or so...
Kinda lost count.

Am I keeping those resolutions?
Absolutely Yes Maybe  Well, only in my imagination, to be honest.
But, my-oh-my how vividly I see the result of well made plans.
If only I could go back and keep every resolution I ever made!

Things would be different.
Yes, siree.

... Video daydream starts now...

Dim the lights. Take 1. ACTION.

I float effortlessly through the living room, bending down to pick up newspapers and dog toys- twirling in graceful pirouettes like Tinkerbell herself. I'm no longer inhibited by belly rolls... and my glossy, freshly brushed and flossed mouth no longer emits crude grunts or curses as I fold myself in half to fluff the couch cushions.
My hair is tossed and messy. But in a good way. Like in a Charlize Theron kind of way.

My makeup is flawless. My bare feet are soft as silk- no longer plump and crusty- no jagged nails or cheap, peeling polish. I sport a perfect pedicure- each toe dotted with Pale Persimmon from the best salon. And my manicure is topped off with French tips- my hands tanned and smooth from daily moisturizing.

I'm wearing skinny jeans with a fitted, button-down blouse.

And no one is laughing.

I go to my closet to find sheets for the bed. There they are-  all neatly stacked and color-coordinated  and folded like Martha Stewart says they should be. They smell like fresh cotton- not like old gym shoes. Everything in my closet is pleasing to the eye - proper hangers, cubbies for the shoes, belts on a revolving rack...In fact, my entire house is a peaceful little place of feng shui harmony.

I grab an itsy-bitsy container of yogurt as I leave the house and skip out to the truck. It's clean, waxed, polished and still smells like "new car". There's no mud hanging from the running boards or last summer's mosquitoes still smashed on the windshield. And there's no Dairy Queen Blizzard in the cup holder.

After a refreshing three mile jog around the park, I return home to pay bills.
The envelopes of my electric bill and car payment are still cold from the mailbox, but I pay them immediately.

My desk is efficient and immaculate, yet- at the same time- both trendy and cute. Reams of paper are nestled in a wicker basket, bills are stored in an attractive file folder... and tape, clips, stamps and pencils are artfully arranged in an eye pleasing

Later, I knit a new scarf for my sister, bake two peach pies, do an hour of yoga and write half a novel. And I still have the energy of a hummingbird!

...Oh, wait...the picture is fading! I'm losing it! I...I...

Here I am back in reality.
With my list.

Hoping that it's never too late to start again.


  1. What wonderful images and what a great daydream! I have those plus a few more that a dream of and hope to accomplish this year. No more half way or almost did it crap!

    No matter what, even after some of our daydreams come true, there will always be more to take their places....."That's just the way it is."

  2. I didn't make a list this year. I have just one major "goal" this year and that is to loose weight and KEEP IT OFF!!! And I am pleased to announce that I have started toward that goal already and have shed 2 pounds to date!!! Yahoooo!!
    Hugs, Gail