Friday, January 6, 2012

Tool Time

I've been nesting.

I know you understand what I mean by that.

Contrary to what my husband believes, I was NOT sitting on my "couch nest" all day nibbling on crunchy snacks.
I was rearranging, fluffing,filing (and making a dozen or more holes in the drywall that I'm trying to hide from my "hammer boss").

All this was Yard Sale/Goodwill finds

I knew I had to break away from the computer- and all those usual daily chores- to actually switch things up a bit- decoratively speaking.

And I might not have gotten up the energy at all, except for one fact:

My husband thinks we're midgets.

Let me explain...

We got a flat screen TV from my son a few months ago, and my husband finally decided agreed got tired of me nagging - so he prepared to mount it on the living room wall.
Luckily, he's got a wife that knows where to find the flashlight, drill, level, screws, sharpened pencil, bolts, nuts and all other manner of contraptions needed to start this project.

"Right there..." he says, drawing a faint line on the wall.

"That's the bottom?' I ask, peering over his shoulder.

"No- that is the middle." he answered smugly.

 I kinda went berserk.

"Oh my Gosh- what are we- midgets? There's no way that TV needs to be placed so low! It will look like there's a tiny television on a giant, bare wall! It looks... so...stoooopid!"

"You're stoooopid..." he mimicked, drilling the screws into the drywall with an added punch of "I'm always right."

He sits down on the couch and pretends like he's drinking a beer and clicking the remote - "See..." he says, "it's eye level- just perfect...right where it should be."

I let it go. It wasn't worth fighting about.
I just felt so blessed that the TV wasn't still leaning up against the bed in my daughter's old room.

But yesterday, I had to do something.
That wall looked so bare!

So, I found a couple of frames in my junk art spare room and printed off two pictures on my computer. I just scotch taped them to the back and hung them up.Viola! Instant satisfaction!

It grounded all that open space and made the TV look as though it was installed at the "almost-correct" height.
I've still got to be on the lookout for a console, table, or other flea market piece of furniture to place under it to hide the cords and hold the DVD player and such.
I'm sure I'll come across something at Goodwill.

Or at the midget furniture store...


  1. HAHAHAHAHA Look at your midget TV!!

  2. your so funny.....our TV on wall is over fireplace and way too tall for this midget, im not even 5' anymore , help im shrinking. some Friday we should go rummaging this summer and goodwill......... Just call barb

  3. It looks nice but I understand what your thought was about it being too low. The pictures above sure did help to proportion it always come up with some great idea!

    I am just glad it is finally hung and you are able to step, run and dance your way to fitness!

  4. Oh, you'll find something suitable at the Midget Furniture Store for sure; they have all kinds of nice pieces there. And the best part? Always at HALF PRICE!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  5. That is great timing Rae...we just purchased a tv cabinet we have been looking for 6 months!! I finally said...:They are going to discontinue this style if we don't hurry up and buy it!!! So we fianlly did.
    And of course when we had it delivered into the living room the first thing 'he' said is "It is going to be to high". I just calmly said it will be okay!! I, too, refuse to sit on the floor to watch the tv! What is it with men and tv height??? My guess is they want it the correct hieght so they can watch it as they are lying down taking their nap!!!
    Of course it takes him just seconds to get used to something new so by the time he was watching the morning news this AM he didn't mention a word about the tv that sits TOO high!! Men!!!
    Gail :)

  6. We had just the opposite happen here. Last year my husband put up the new enormous tv (mind you we have a tiny living room!) he has mounted that thing so high I get a crick in my neck when I watch tv ...ugh! And the same convo was heard at our house "that's stupid" "you're stupid!" LOL! Loved this post!
    Blessings, Joanne