Monday, January 30, 2012

Ready? Set? GROW!

It seems like only yesterday that I pulled the old calendar off the wall and replaced it with a new one. And yet, almost a month has gone by. Where do the days go?

When I smoothed out the 2012 calendar and pinned it in its rightly place near my desk, I loved the idea of new beginnings- of starting over- of turning a new leaf, burning old bridges, putting my best foot forward...

It's January 30th, and I'm not even out of the gate yet. Still sitting and waiting for good things to just surround me. Thinking that by some miracle, my house will be organized, my body will be fit, my dreams will come true...

I've decided to take this week and start an early spring cleaning. To de-clutter and simplify my life. I just need to put priorities on my "junk".
I love too many objects.
I see beauty in everything from an old jar to a rusty doorknob.
I pick up flea market treasures "for later".
I hoard picture frames and ribbon and books I'll never read.
I put things off too often...

It's time I've grown up.

It's supposed to be a beautiful day here.
I think I'm gonna pull open the blinds and let the sunshine in.
Think I'll crank up some John Mayer, Nora Jones, and CCR.
Think I'll start packing stuff up for Goodwill. (Won't someone love them as much as I do?)
I'm getting realistic, frugal, seeking that unspeakable peace that comes with organization.

So, to all you three or four people that actually read my blog, I'll be away this week. (I may or may not come back with photos of my cleaning adventures!)
You all have a great week.

I'm opening the gate now...

See you in February!


  1. I think my gate is stuck! Got any tools I can use to pry it open? I need to get some motivation from somewhere....I wish that sold it at WalMart!
    I wish you the best of luck this week. Don't lose who you are when throwing things out. If an item makes you smile and makes you happy...keep it! That is your personality. Please don't try to be someone you are not.

  2. I have great ideas and plans but my arse end is stuck in this chair and I can't move. Will you come over and motivate me please?

  3. ill miss ya,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i need to get busy doing some projects too , i spend too much time here............ oh well,,, hope you have cherry popsicle dreams and that all your dreams come true,,,,,,,,,,, im still looking for mine, hahahah some day,,,,,,,,, good to se e you... ill miss you while your cleaning and sorting, and throwing stuff to Goodwill, yikes i hope i dont go buy your stuff............... wow barb

  4. Good luck purging. It is so hard to do.. maybe as your sort through all the stuff you will get inspiration for the wedding!

    Love Karla

  5. It must be the weather! I am in the process of doing the same thing with all my "treasures". I loved the phrase..."maybe it is time to grow up". I did mention that some of my stuff have been with me for maybe 30 years. It shocked me to hear the words come out of my mouth! So I am sorting thru all my books of crafts that I was sure the world was just waiting for me to craft. I guess that now that I finally having a craft room made it very obvious just how many crafts I have hoarded away thinking I actually had the super powers to do them all in my lifetime.
    And I am pleased that there is a small feeling of freedom and lightness as I box up many of my uncrafted project plans. And I am finally learning to say NO!! to myself when I find another time consuming project at Goodwill. I feel so powerful..and FREE!!!! I have taken before pictures of my craftroom and I will take an after one too. Wish me luck that I will indeed complete this giant task!!!
    Hugs, Gail

  6. I know what you mean about so many projects I might get to. Good luck with the purging. It's tough, I know.