Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This DIY Wedding..

Been busy with the May Wedding...
I got this rusty chandelier at a yard sale a few years ago...for FREEMy husband has threatened to throw it away more than once...

A little Ballet Pink Krylon...and it's ready to hang from a tree with a pink ribbon and candles...

My To Do List continues....See you soon!


  1. I like where this is any crystals you can hang off that there girly chandelier?

  2. I knew that someday you would fix that up! Maybe one day Erin can hang it in her little girls room and keep it around for a very long time. Looks nice. I cannot wait to see this wedding reception and all of your wonderful ideas!

  3. I love your creativity and I love Linda's idea of saving it for her little girl's room. Cannot wait to see all the wonderful things you have done for the wedding and reception

  4. wow Rae thats neat,,,,, i always knew from day 1 you would pull this deco off,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, cannot wait to see photos................ barb

  5. Pretty! I love the way you see past the age, rust, dirt, etc. straight through to the beauty!

  6. RAE ~
    Thanks for the nice "send-off" on my blog.
    I replied to you there.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'