Friday, May 4, 2012

Bountiful Blessings

I've been so overwhelmed lately. ...
And not just with chores, but also with blessings.
Who can complain about that?

First off, my daughter's wedding is in 15 days. What?? Really? Only 15? That's less than I thought! Then why am I writing when I should be making table cards or a music schedule or choosing napkins or buying stuff?....
Because I need a mental break. I need to slow down. Breathe.......Enjoy the ride.
I am so happy for my daughter and I just pray her special day goes well and it all falls beautifully into place.
We love our son-in-law to be and he comes with a very special 5 year old bonus! And we love her, too!

Speaking of weddings, my other daughter just got engaged and is planning a wedding in March. (Thank the Lord, it's not another DIY!) We love her new man and welcome him with open arms into our crazy family!

And, to top that all off, my son that got married in September...

Isn't this the cutest announcement?
and my sweet daughter-in-law....

... just gave us another blessing!

I'm gonna be a Nana again in November!!!!
My three children Sept 2011
I am going to try to keep up my blog once all this excitement calms down.
Thanks for stopping in again and allowing me to share my blessings...
Have a wonderful day!


  1. It takes your breath away when it all comes so close together. This will be the year to remember.

  2. Beautiful post! And congratulations on all of the wonderful blessings of family!

  3. Gracious Rae ... you are BUSY! What a gorgeous family you have! Enjoy this season ... it flies too fast!

  4. Great to see you back - even if just to catch us up on all the crazy wonderful things happening with the Frazier family. Looking forward to the 19th! karla

  5. so happy for you Rae to get to help plan the wedding and make stuff, I know your in your realm of glory right now, and going to be a grandma is special too........ you have a wonderful family,,,,,,, congrats,hope the wedding goes well............... miss talking, miss seeing your blogs, hope you can settle in soon and blog more....... always enjoy it Barb