Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Shall Seek

My world is like a lighthouse.

Every morning I awake and look outside-
seeing an ocean of life that merely
touches the edges of my boundaries-
I, always fearful of wandering too far
and becoming lost.
Worried that I cannot swim as well as others...
Not knowing if there is anything beyond the rim of the sunset.

I watch from the window with binoculars,
sending out a beacon -
in hopes that Fate and Adventure will someday find me.

My world is like a forest.

I grow comfortable with the trees.
They hide the imperfections.
They camouflage my sadness and insecurities-
and they cushion me from the unknown.
Sometimes I wonder if I started walking
if I would find the sunshine-
or die from a lack of living in the shadows.

My world is like a mountain.

And I've never climbed it.

Content to remain at the bottom, looking up.
Sometimes I dream about the other side -
and imagine it as a wonderland
where I can run and fly
and bathe in joy.

My world is like a desert.

And it leaves me thirsty.
Yet, I always convince myself I don't need to drink-
that what I have
and what I do
is all that is expected of me.

But your love has made me want to open my eyes,
unfurl my wings,
break down the barriers of fear
and push through to something called living.

I'm stepping out-
swimming in that ocean,
exploring the forest,
climbing that mountain,
and crossing that desert.

Fate and Adventure is calling me
and this time-
I will go to them.


  1. this is beautiful and really speaks to me

  2. you just described my life Rae, but life is too hard to step out and get it...... im worn out trying BL

  3. Wow-powerful. Thank you for sharing. Karla

  4. So beautiful, Rae! You have a rare and precious gift!