Thursday, July 5, 2012

Checking In...

I finally finished the kitchen remodel. But it has spread into the laundry room,  jumped to the old bathroom, and invaded every fingerprinted wall in need of fresh paint. Plus, before that is even finished, my husband decided the garage was next on the fix-it-up-till-it-hurts list and we worked from 8am till 6pm in 104 degree heat yesterday. Face it, folks. I'm too pooped to to blog!
But I feel bad about forsaking my writing- (and all of you). I do this every year, I think. Reach a point where I'm too busy with yard work and gardening and other things to even pause here to say hello.
Come autumn, I'll be writing steady again. I hope. I do have a new grand baby due in November. Looking forward to that.
And I have a fantastic family vacation in the works soon, also! Hopefully that trip will inspire me.
In fact, I may redesign this whole blog...kinda tired of it already. But- I'll let you know if I move.
For now, I'm stuck here with paint in my hair, garden dirt under my fingernails and a bank account that is getting drained by DIY projects.
If my internet didn't SUCK BIG TIME, I would post Before and After pics...But, no.
Hope you all had a great 4th. See you all soon, I hope!


  1. Nothing like a clean up project to lift the spirits.

  2. glad that kitchen finally got done,,,,, seems like its true when you get one done rest of hosue looks bad,,,,,,, thats life i guess. So where you going on vacation, what i would give to have a family vacation with my children and their spouses,,,,,,,,,,, will never happen I know, but i can dream................hope the garage make over does well , heck your going to still be doing renos, by time he retires, glad to open your blog and see you posted,,,,,,,,,,, it is awfully hot.............. take care. Barb