Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kitchen Chaos

Right now I should be in my kitchen.
Not cooking.
Not making a fresh pot of coffee.
Not even trying to scrape the dried egg yolk from around the stove top.

I should be on my hands and knees gathering up every old bottle of Windex, crunchy lemon-scented SOS pads, dried up sponges, and a fragrant variety of household deodorizers guaranteed to perfume even a whale graveyard.

I should be tossing out cracked tea cups, bent silverware, stained Tupperware and a thousand plastic lids that fit absolutely nothing.

Because I'm getting a new kitchen!!!!

Forgive me, I hate to brag.
But it's not every day that a woman needs a kitchen as much as I do.

Mine sucks.

 I have two drawers.
One stuffed with dishcloths and over-plump pot holders- and another cramped with utensils that look as though someone set off a stick of dynamite in there.
I have dishes stacked on dishes and my pots and pans have had to find a home in the laundry room. (Now-no more having to move the 2-ton pressure cooker to fold towels!Yay!)

The kitchen is one room of the house that we never "got around to".
Somehow it got pushed to the Last Priority list.

Then it disappeared off the list completely.

I wouldn't go as far as to say it's because you can't work on a tractor here, store your guitars in the corner cabinet, or whip out your welder to mend a gate on the counter top...

No, wait.

Maybe I will go that far. There- I said it.

But, oh, how sweetly my husband has redeemed himself!

The only drawback from having a fantastical new kitchen is the fact that we are only doing it in order to better sell the house. Retirement is in the cards in 18 months...Yikes!

I will try to post before and after pictures when it's finished.
For now, I better get on my Latex rubber scrubbing gloves, the claw hammer(don't tell my husband), and a ginormous burst of energy. (Where that is gonna come from, I have no clue...)

But I'm armed for the challenge.

Coffee. check!
Inspiration. check!
Excitement. check!

Here I go!


  1. Wow...I am so excited for you....retirement, a new kitchen and a move... you go girl.

  2. Try to look at this as a first draft of the kind of kitchen you want in the cabin.. and then move it to the top of the list of changes to be made at the cabin!