Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Last night when my husband and I curled up beneath the warm blankets, he asked me if he had any money in his wallet.

Like- I'm supposed to know this?

Does he know how many rolls of toilet paper are in the closet?
If I have enough laundry detergent for the rest of the week?
If I even have any money myself?

I knew what he was getting at, though.

Valentine's Day.

He was actually laying there dreading an extra stop after work today to push through crowds of procrastinating men whose testosterone levels are weakened significantly by the fear that they may incur their wives wrath if chocolate and a card aren't purchased before the ten o'clock news.

I smiled to myself in the dark.

I also knew what he was going to say next.

After all, it's been a Valentine/Birthday/Christmas/Anniversary tradition that we've practiced for over thirty-five years.

"Do you need money for a Valentine?" I asked him outright, "Because if that's the case- don't worry about it. I don't need a card. Forget it- it's no big deal."

"You mean you don't want a card and chocolates?" he said, feeling suddenly liberated from the "man chore".

"Chocolates? Well, that's different!" I said, jokingly. "Please get those truffles I like, plus an assortment of caramels, a big box of chocolate covered cherries and one of those giant Hershey Kisses!"

We laughed and hugged ...and I thought to myself...

Don't you know I just want your hand? Your heart? Your sweet, graying head on the pillow beside mine for the rest of my life?

Don't you know I want to be the one who watches every sunrise and sunset with you?
...The one who is beside you when the first bird sings in the spring and the winter snows fall gently outside our window...
...That I want to watch Gunsmoke and The Godfather another 250 times just because you do...
...That I just want you to pick me a wildflower, a honeysuckle bloom...
fix the faucet, let me borrow your hammer, and tell me I look okay in those yoga pants...
...that you share your dreams and fears and hopes with me, no matter what...
...that you still smile at me and kiss me and love me and laugh at my jokes...
...that you continue to look forward to adventures and plans and our future together...
...that you never lose your kindness and compassion, never forsake your strengths and morals, and that you never forget what is really important in life...

Don't you know I love you even if you don't buy me a five-dollar card and an assortment of chocolates?
Don't you know that Valentines come from the heart and not from Hallmark?

Please be mine forever and ever.

And, just in case, I put a twenty in your wallet....:)


  1. Great ending....and he'd better remember.

  2. Ha!-Ha! You are a wonderful writer, RAE!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. Love this post! Happy Valentine Day!

  4. I am surprised he did not ask you if you minded stopping in town and picking up your gift and card!!! Hope you both have a great Valentine's Day. Love - Karla

  5. barb: hey i wouldnt want all that gooey stuff,,,,,,,,,, Give me BLING............. hahahah and CHOCOLATES,,,,,,,,,,, creamy ones,,,,, rae one yr my late husband bought me a card, forgot to give it to me, after he died i found it in his bible. It was the ultimate Valentines Day Gift of all time, one ill never forget,, he was too sickk to remember to give it to me,,,,,,,,,,, such a precious memory................ make those memories while you can with your hubby, they are lifelong precious ones,,,,,,, p.s. hope you got chocolate...................... and flowers

  6. Awww....I loved this Rae. Wayne would be the same way...he never has much money in his wallet either..... But he did have enough for a long stemmed rose from the local gas station! I am like you, we really don't exchange Christmas gifts, Easter, Valentines or other holidays. We are just happy to be in love and be together...more important then any gift or card!

  7. Oh, that's so sweet. Thanks for reminding us what's really important.

  8. Smiling through the tears my friend! That's so darn sweet! Ummm nope my husband had better have that &%$@!@ card or there's gonna be trouble! Lol! Vanna