Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Place Of Refuge

Everyone needs a place of refuge.

A space for breathing deeply, thinking quietly and seeing the world with focused eyes.

Everyone needs a spot on this Earth where they can see the stars, gaze at the moon, and watch fireflies twinkle over fields of dew.

Everyone needs a place to let go, unwind, detach...and dream without boundaries.

Everyone needs a place where their heart feels at home...where smiles are abundant, laughter is sincere, and nothing matters except moments...Where the past falls away and the future is bridge you'll build later...

...A place where life swells up inside you so big- that you can't help but drink it, embrace it, and thank God for it.

My place of refuge is the cabin.

At the cabin, I don't just see birds, I see their wings...each brilliant feather soft with the magic of flight...their tiny eyes searching for stray seeds...their wire-like feet grasping branches that sway in the cool breeze.

At the cabin, I don't just see stars , I see bouquets of diamonds spilled out into the flakes of glitter placed individually by heaven's hand...
...I see millions and millions of wishes waiting to be wished upon.

I don't just see the woods, I see the trees...each one with its unique pattern of bark, its own outline of leaves against blue sky...their blooms and buds and arms that shelter nests.

I don't just see fields, I see blades of grass... tufts of wild blackberries, lacy white flowers, sweet honeysuckle, purple thistle and baby violets.

I see feisty flies and shiny spotted lady bugs...and butterflies with tissue paper wings the color of  sapphires.

I see life there.

I feel life there.

I smell, breathe, touch- love all that surrounds me there... at my place of refuge.

My body aches to go there.

My mind imagines the feel of my feet on the fingers on the key in the lock...the tug of  home...the overpowering  feeling of being where I belong.

Everyone needs a place.

This is mine.


  1. I was right there with you. Beautifully written and expressed.

  2. i was there with you too,,,,,,,,,,, sometimes i just get so busy i cant see the forest for the trees Rae, but Im so glad you have that in you and im so happy that you love your Cabin, it is your JOY for sure...Enjoy life to the fullest,,,,,, because it is short,,,,, im sure finding that out really fast............... Beautiful writing..... hope you keep all these in a notebook somewhere so your children can read them over and over to all of your loved ones.............. barb

  3. My refuge is the bathroom when I escape to the tub. I cannot see stars, birds or flowers but I can have a somewhat peaceful state of mind.

    LOVE the picture at the bottom of the cabin in Spring. It won't be too long. The daffodils are already bloomed here...I bet you have a few at the cabin already too. It's just nice to have a place to relax, unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature.

  4. beautiful post - I love the glimpses I get of the world through your eyes. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and see the beauty around us. Karla