Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Starting My November

Tonight is All Hallow's Eve. Time for candy and goblins and spooky shadows beneath the moonlight. But you know what?
 I'm totally over it already.
 If you ask me, it's time to throw those skeletons back up into the attic and shove those hairy spiders into their rightful corner of the garage. I'm so over jack-o-lanterns and caramel apples and all things zombie related.
My thoughts are already focused on recipes for stuffings and pies and a giant glazed bird that can make your mouth water.
I dream of curling up with a good book while hot chocolate steams in a cup beside me. I'm thinking of mulled cider candles and pilgrim shoes on the welcome mat and quail feathers tucked into a grapevine wreath.
I'm wanting flannel pj's, soft slippers, a comfy old cardigan that wraps around me twice.
I'm imagining evergreens wrapped with red bows, full cookie jars, and listening to Christmas music way too early.
I'm yearning for a house alive with the great smells of stuffing and fudge. Of a driveway crowded with my kid's cars. Of a family room alive with laughter and love and overflowing blessings.
Go ahead and have your Halloween.
I'm starting my November.
To me, it's the most wonderful time of the year.


  1. Rae, you are so right. I have had a real hard time today putting up even a few decorations. I am looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday this year because my only son is coming home to spend some time with us!! So, I agree...I am so ready to smell the turkey, dressing and all those pies!!
    Hugs, Gail

  2. They are driving us nuts with the door bell right now......tomorrow I put up my Remembrance Day decor.

  3. Waiting for all the little goblins to start ringing the doorbell. I love seeing all the little kids in their costumes, but when it gets a little later and the big kids start coming around, that's when the lights go off.
    Looking forward to November also. Thanks for visiting with me today and for your nice comment:-) Happy November

  4. glad halloween is over, November is a wonderful time of year. I love the trees now even leaves almost gone, it is like a sign of God putting them to sleep until Spring. The moon last night was beautiful. I bought a new Christmas sweat shirt today at Cracker Barrell,,,, I too love hot cocoa, and latte's with whip cream with a hint of nutmeg. More than anything im looking forward to being with my daughter , hubby, grandson, wife, baby cole, my son and his wife and my husband at Thanksgiving at my Daughters home, its always a wonderful time of the year........ barb