Friday, September 7, 2012

Hello, You Two!

Dear Two People Who Read My Blog,

Kinda sucks when you pour your heart out and your audience leaves the room.
Or worse yet, doesn't even show up for your party.
I'm feeling that way today...
Maybe it's the fact that I haven't taken the time to reciprocate by visiting you all. Don't blame you, really.


I'm in this funky limbo lately.
Can't shake it.
Feel like I need to do something creative, but nothing comes out.
I call it Creative Constipation.

And, hey- it hurts!

So, I think I'll go right back where I was a few months ago.

 But you two really won't mind, will you?

So...see you when I see you!
Much love to you both!


  1. Oh Rae! Don't give up! But if it's any consolation, I feel the EXACT same way!! I'm completely uninspired and creatively constipated (I loved your phrase--:)
    Here's to the lows! So, we can someday get to the highs again...:)

  2. Don't go! It happens to everyone. I have 148 followers on my blog, but really only a fraction really follow my blog. I think I waited more than a month before I had even one comment.
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. I have been checking almost every day to see if there is word from you. I usually do not comment (sorry) but I am always thrilled when I see you have posted something. I love you and so admire you talent... be encouraged!


  4. Don't give up on us.....I've been in limbo myself as hubs has been very sick and in the hospital and is just now home after 12 days of medical incarceration. I haven't been dropping in on anyone but I will get back to it.

  5. Email me and we'll have coffee. I hear the new hospital is gonna have a starbucks. I'm trying to get west nile so I can go stay there and drink it every day....

  6. RAE ~
    I think most of us are experiencing the same thing. My one currently active blog shows 36 Followers, but I'm sure that only the 6 who routinely leave comments for me are really reading what I post.

    I came to the conclusion quite some time ago that blogging is essentially a waste of my time and energy.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  7. Rae my day wouldnt be complete without your post on your blog, many times, i could almost feel how you felt during (especially your time with your sister Linda) I think your family is very special, I love to read about your mom, I really loved her alot, Strange how things work out. her lying at the funeral home, my son Jeff visited at the Wake, and o ne week later he was there himnself,,, I get so excited when you write, its almost like im caught up in the moment with you. You have a gift, dont waste it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ill keep coming to see your storeis, BARB L>