Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ten Days

My husband and I (and our little dog) just spent ten days at the cabin. 
We rolled in on a Friday night, exhilarated by the autumn colors and the peaceful quiet of our wooded getaway.
 Funny how just a few days can teach you so much about life...

Things I've learned this week:

1. Hot coffee on the screened porch every morning is definitely more rewarding than coffee with Facebook.

2. There is no such thing as absolute silence. ..Because there's always a little soft ringing in your ears.

3. God made beautiful colors.

4. I can survive without T.V. ( for ten days).

5. Cutting and stacking firewood all morning can make a person hungry.

6. You can wear the same pair of socks for a week if you have to.

7. If no one in town knows you, they don't realize that you usually don't wear overalls ,a red hoodie, work boots and no makeup to Dollar General.

8.  A full size bed is A WHOLE LOT smaller than a queen size bed.

9. I'm addicted to Angry Birds on the iPad. ( hey, entertainment is scarce here!)

10. Winter is coming quickly.

11. When I miss my children, I still picture them as little kids.

12. My husband's whiskers are white.

13. Looking at the woods from up in a tree-stand is totally different than being at ground level.

14. It's difficult to rearrange the furniture in a 400 square foot cabin.

15. You avoid making phone calls if they either cost money (land line) or you have to drive up to the gate on the four wheeler to get cell service.

16. I still love Oreos and milk.

17. My dog is a nerd.

18. There are so many faces in nature and I truly love taking photographs.
( when I get a new laptop, I will post some. Can't download them to my iPad.)

19. I miss carpet, my bath tub, and Internet service.
20. I love to read good books.

Arrived home this morning. Nap time on the couch and a good dose of Facebook. 
Now- on to Pinterest and maybe some Angry Birds! 
There's no place like home....


  1. You had a magical time at the cabin for 10 days didn't you! I can tell by the wonderful list you have made. The simple life is so refreshing even for just 10 days.
    Hugs, Gail

  2. Your dog is a nerd? I'd like to hear about that one.

  3. Tune in tomorrow for my blog post about my nerdy dog! Lol

  4. it sounds like a time of relaxing,,,, something i dont do much, but should, love the nerd dog, hahaha ,,,,,,,, i have to agree full side bed is no fun........ KING it is... You make me want to buy a cabin and flee this fast world and the trials we face each day,,,,,,,,,rush rush rush to the store,,,,,,,, walmart,,,,,,, pharmacy,,,,, its a good life at the Cabin, think someone who loves you bought you a sign that says Welcome to the Cabin once,,,hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder who........ cant help but love you................. Happythanksgiving and your G.daughter is beautiful . barb