Friday, August 24, 2012

Will Never Do List

There are some things in life that I assume I will never do. Bungee jump, scuba dive, break, know- those kinds of things. But recently I've had to make a revision and cross one particular item from that Will Never Do list.

Weight lifting.

Yes, I'm as surprised and as flabbergasted as you are. (Especially if you've seen my doughy cheeks, extra-padded butt, Oprah arm wings and thunder thighs.)

Until yesterday, the most weight I've ever lifted is the vacuum cleaner over the dog, a half keg of beer and a five gallon bucket of rotten tomatoes.
But, I'm trying to change.
Change hurts.
In this case, it hurts the body big time.

I'm actually excited, though. I hope to see a major weight loss and noticeable toning.( And the melting away of this huge python on my waistline!)

My husband and I joined the gym 6 weeks ago and have been hitting the tread mill pretty steady, but the free consult with a trainer suggested we start doing the weight training at least three days a week.

Which probably means I will be passed out on the couch the days in between. Hurting.
Drinking yucky protein drinks.

Dreaming of chocolate...

I do have pictures. Before.

Now, I'm just gonna have to really, really work hard to get a great After photo.

Another thing I had on my Will Never Do list is pulling out all the windows, painting them and cleaning them and shining them all up before fall.

You know what?
That is staying on the list!


  1. LOL! This summer has been a real flop as far as me losing weight. Good for you and your husband!
    Those protein drinks are brutal!!!!

    Thanks for your recent comment on my blog...They came to fix my fridge and said they could not for the same reason they gave you! I told the guy...why even have a warranty then? UGH UGH!

  2. Boy, you sure have been busy haven't you!!! And good for you on your workouts. I still have not done the weights. I guess it is time I got brave and used them!! Keep up the great work!